First Friday Two Year Anniversary at Warehouse 640

Original Media

Original Media was a fixed up version of Broken Memories. Doing this installation at the art space at First Friday allowed control over the the lighting, sound, and texture; the environment and the vibe.

The white shag carpeting looked like the snow we had all experienced recently in Portland.

The TV was on, but disconnected; snowing. A modified version of Echoes monitored motion and played sounds of fire crackling, wind-rustled trees, and crickets chirping in the key of E.

The white rabbit observer (a stuffed animal with a webcam installed behind its eyes) looked up at the fire and the people around it. But also past it, to a projection of its own fluid visions. This Strange Loop of seeing what it was projecting caused a billowing of colors tinted slightly purple. "Like looking at a nebula" a viewer observed.

Unplugged TVs surrounded the fire and reflected its light; the medium was the message.